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For those who love dinosaurs

Dinosaur Lovers
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community for dinosaur lovers to post in. Chat about your favorite dinosaurs, theories, new finds. Discuss controversies, ie warmblooded vs. coldblooded, the ancestry of birds, cause of extinction, etc.


1. Be respectful. Friendly debates are encouraged, but no flamewars or name calling are permitted.
2. Be accurate. This community assumes that you love and know about dinosaurs, so please attempt to spell the names right and use correct nomenclature (ie apatosaurus, not brontosaurus).
3. If posting pictures of dinosaurs, don't hotlink to the sites that have them. Instead upload them to a Photobucket account. I can't enforce copyright laws, so use good judgement. I'm not responsible for any copyright bullshit that may come of this.
4. Have fun!