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Just looking for some friendly advice

Hey guys!
I just wondered if I could get some input from any and all paleontologists/ people interested in paleo.  I have been wondering about something.  Right now I'm a senior Anthropology major and I'm not planning to change my major, however I'm super interested in not only getting my masters and phd in Physical anthro but also someday I hoped to do some paleontology work as well.  So I guess my question to anyone who might know is:

If I have my Ph.d. in Physical anthro and am working at a museum preparing exhibits bones etc.  (and assuming that in grad school I've taken some geology courses)
Would I be able to also work with dinosaur bones?  Do you have to have a geology degree to do any sort of paleontology work?  If I'm preparing human bones (which I already know quite a bit about), wouldn't it be the same methods to prepare non human bones? 

If anyone can help me out with any info I'd so much appreciate it!  :)))  
Like I said I don't plan to change my major so if the answers to these questions are no then I guess paleontology would be a good hobby to complement my anthropological studies.

Thanks in advance for any and all help,  AND your time!   :)
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