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Dino News!

Heylo! XD Ah joined this community a while ago and have been a bit disappointed at it's lack of activity. ^__^ But I was doing random google searches this morning and found some cool news articles that I thought I would share. Hopefully get the community actives a bit and stuff.

I'm not really new to liking dinosaurs. XD But I am new to learning about them and their eras and stuff. So I can't engage in like super scientific debates yet or anything. ^.^;;;

New Dinosaur Found in Italy I think this one is pretty interesting because of it having the 'wishbone' like birds do and being a fairly large predator. o.o

Smallest Triceratops Skull This one is pretty cool too. o.o Especially the picture of the two skulls together. I'm glad that they have proff that the frill wasn't just for sexual displays now. XD Although I was unaware they thought it was before. I always thought it was away to intimidate larger predators by making it look bigger than it was, and wouldn't the placement make it harder for a predator to get a hold of the neck of the triceratop? >__> And the neck is a good place to go for, for an 'easy' kill that stops you from taking too much damage most of the time.

Those are it for now! XD I have some more articles to share but my connection is being crap and not letting me get them. ^__^
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